Simple File Upload - PHP file upload script

The simplest way to allow people to include large file uploads inside your web forms.
Forget your web server limits.
Keep your existing scripts.

Free for personal use
Upload files up to 2 GB
No registration required
No plugin needed (no Flash, no Java)
Integrates seamlessly in existing forms
Totally transparent for users
Secured by SSL

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How does it work

Try the demo
  1. You only need to modify the target URL of your upload form.
  2. The text fields and files are uploaded to our server, which reads the data and then redirects the user to your original script (e.g. : PHP script or ASP script).
  3. Instead of receiving the actual file data, your script gets a URL, from where it can easily download the file. The data transfer is then a download initiated by your script, not an upload from the user. That is the trick.
You can also keep the download URLs for later use.
Please visit the Features page for more details.

Simple example

  method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    First name : <input name="first_name">
    Last name  : <input name="last_name">
    Phone      : <input name="phone">
    File #1 : <input name=file_1 type=file>
    File #2 : <input name=file_2 type=file>
    <input type=submit value='Send'>
For more details on integration and customization of the uploader please read the Features page.

Optional features

The usage of SimpleFileUpload can be easily extended to fit your needs.

Pricing : free vs. paid

SimpleFileUpload is free for personal use, with no time limits, but there are some limitations.

Free VersionPremium Membership
Max files per upload3 filesunlimited
Max upload size100 MB2 GB (browser limit)
Max upload speed100 KB/sunlimited
Files available for7 days90 days
Usagepersonal use onlypersonal or commercial use
Miscyou must add a link to us on your website : <a href=>simple file upload</a>-
Pricefree$49 / year
Sign upno registration required

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